Fairway Wood Vs Hybrid – Which One Is Better For You?

Are you a beginner, just took up Golf a couple of months or even days? 

Then you would want to know that while on the field, picking the wrong club can lead you to depression and ruin your game.

There are two common types of clubs used in Golf these days, which are Fairway wood and Hybrid. So Fairway Wood vs Hybrid, which is better? 

Let’s find out!

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Fairway Wood Vs Hybrid – The Main Differences

Loft And Distance Chart


The wood often comes with a number, and the higher the loft is, the higher the number increases.

Fairway woods are usually known as 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood.

These woods are destined to be used for long shots on the standard fairway.

In terms of lofts, they come in two kinds: 15 to 18 degrees (3-wood) and 18 to 22 degrees (5-wood). They can produce higher, softer shots, allowing you to shape your shots more easily.

Some Fairway woods on the market

What about Hybrids?

Basically, the loft of the Hybrid head is higher compared to that of the Wood. It means a Hybrid could hit the ball as far as a Fairwood with the same number could possibly do.

Some Hybrids on the market

Distance Chart

If you hit with a 5-wood and a hybrid with the same level of loft, there will not be a huge difference in distance. However, with a hybrid, you can always add 4 to 12 yards of distance on your shots.

If you wonder, here is a standard distance chart:

3 Wood212
5 Wood193
7 Wood170
16 Degree Hybrid194
21 Degree Hybrid181
24 Degree Hybrid174
27 Degree Hybrid161
4 Iron168
5 Iron159
6 Iron147
7 Iron135
8 Iron125
9 Iron115
Pitching Wedge (PW)106
Approach Wedge (AW)95
Gap Wedge (GW)87
Sand Wedge (SW)78
Lob Wedge (LW)73

Consistency And Accuracy

With the same loft number, Fairway wood’s shaft is longer than Hybrid, making the wood feel less consistent compared to Hybrid. Meanwhile, the Hybrid shaft is a bit heavier and smaller than that of the Fairway wood, making it more consistent than the wood.

If the shafts are too light, your shots can be off the line, which can result in inconsistent contact. So, some people might prefer a heavier shaft to have more control over the swing.

Needless to say, it is always easier to get through a few golf sessions with a Hybrid club which has a shorter shaft. Undoubtedly, a properly fit shaft can increase consistency, accuracy, and distance as well.

Hitting The Ball


The wood is destined for long shots on standard fairways.

On a standard fairway-shot, place the ball forward about 3 inches inside the left heel of the stance; then, with a good swing, you can effortlessly sweep the ball off the ground.

Note this: How far you can send the ball flying is much less decided by the speed of your swing and whether you hit the ball straight in the center or not. So, make sure to aim at the right place!


The high loft and flat bottom of Hybrid ensure that the club won’t dig into the ground that much. 

On the other hand, the shallower face height allows players to hit the ball off the ground by just using the center of the club. Therefore, lifting the ball out of the turf, over a low hazard or barricade is easy as pie. 

Naturally, setting the ball to its most ideal position always gives better results.

Here is a tip: Placing the ball in the middle of your stance helps create greater distance for such shots. 

So, Fairway Wood vs Hybrid, which one is better for hitting the ball?

Once the player is able to control his/her swing motion, he/she should be able to control the swing speed. Keeping the right distance to the ball allows more room to swing. So, the answer is it all depends on how players control their swing motion and distance to the ball. 

Good Contact

Fairway wood shaft is set off at the center in the large head, letting the head easily slide over the grass when you take your shot. Therefore, you are able to send the ball further.

On the other hand, the hybrid head is shallower and extends closer to the face compared to a fairway wood. Hybrids also have shorter shafts and smaller heads. All these features allow players to have a better swing. If the swing is fit, you can send the ball higher in the air effortlessly.

Which Club To Use/ When To Use Each Club?

In a tight lie with no room to swing, but plenty of room to let it roll, Fairway wood clubface would probably slide over the ground, giving your ball a good boost. So if you are an experienced player, there are not many hazards around the green and your lie is good. – Fairway woods will be perfect for you.

But playing on the field sometimes means that the situations can get unexpectedly tough, such as the lie is rough or even having one or two hazards to hit over. In general, Hybrids have been designed to have a larger sweet spot on the clubface. So, it goes without saying that even the least experienced players can hit a fresh approach shot right in the first attempt.

They are also great for approach shots as the higher loft means your ball probably would skip off the green – instead of landing downwards with a hope that a touch of backspin would bring it to a quick stop.

What if you are playing in a downwind area and do not know which club to choose, or you have to hit over a hazard, but still need to land the ball softly. – Hybrid always comes in handy.

Check Case Study

For a better view of the picture, let me pick out the two pairs of clubs that are the most debated: 5-wood vs 3-hybrid and 3-wood vs 3-hybrid.

5-wood vs 3-hybrid

Differences between 5-wood and 3-hybrid


There is no huge difference in distance using a 5-wood or a 3-hybrid with the same degree of loft. They are basically the same.

When to use 5-wood

With the longer and lighter shaft and the bigger head, a 5-wood is a little bit harder to control. And, due to the design of its head and the length of the whole club, a 5-wood will send the ball flying a bit farther than a 3-hybrid. So, it can be used to perform both off the fairway and tee shot hits.

On the fairway or the tee, a Hybrid could swing the ball as high as a 5-wood. But from the rough, the Hybrid’s flat bottom makes it easier to bring the ball out of the situation.

In short, if you are experienced players who like to play low shots and get control of the ball. You should get a 5-wood.

Another option: 3-wood vs 3-hybrid

Differences between 3-wood and 3-hybrid


On the fairway, a 3-wood can hit the ball a bit further than 3-hybrid. Using Hybrid will not send the ball further than using 3-wood but will send the ball higher up in the air.

The distance chart below can give you all the necessary details.

ClubMen Yards
slow / med / fast
Women Yards
slow / med / fast
Driver190 / 220 / 260150 / 175 / 215
3-wood/1+ hybrid170 / 200 / 225125 / 150 / 180
5-wood/2 hybrid160 / 190 / 215115 / 140 / 170
3 iron/3-hybrid150 / 180 / 205105 / 130 / 160
4-iron/4 hybrid140 / 170 / 19595 / 120 / 150
5-iron/5 hybrid130 / 160 / 18585 / 110 / 140
6-iron/6 hybrid120 / 150 / 17575 / 100 / 130
7-iron/7 hybrid110 / 140 / 16565 / 90 / 120
8-iron/8 hybrid100 / 130 / 15555 / 80 / 110
9-iron/9 hybrid90 / 120 / 14545 / 70 / 100
PW/PW hybrid80 / 110 / 13535 / 60 / 90
GW/GW hybrid70 / 100 / 12525 / 50 / 80
SW/SW hybrid60 / 90 / 11520 / 40 / 70
LW/LW hybrid40 / 70 / 9515 / 30 / 60
Ref: Golf Info Guide

Besides, even though a 3-wood can bring a similar swing compared to a 3-hybrid, these 2 clubs still perform differently.

Compared to 3-woods, 3-hybrids have a shorter shaft, so it’s understandable that many players find it hard to keep everything under control. The deeper head enhances the stability of the clubface, keeping the shots straight.

3-hybrids are famous for launching the ball high up in the air due to its heavy back of the clubhead. While the 3-hybrid can launch the ball as high as it can, the 3-wood may come in handy for getting a second shot from the fairway in the smoothest way possible.


These days, more and more Golfers (both amateurs and professionals) love to replace Fairway woods with a Hybrid in some situations. But I do believe that after looking through the Fairway wood vs Hybrid comparison, now you have made your own choice.

Hybrids are natural to swing with, but big old Fairway woods support higher club speed and more rolls for better distance, especially on the fairway. So, take these things into consideration and make a smart decision to bring home a club that best suits you.

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