How to Know Which Golf Clubs to Use?

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For any golf enthusiasts out there, I am very happy to share all of my knowledge with the people sharing the same interest as me. You will be able to know clearly about every aspect of the golf club. Besides, you can choose the most suitable club set for yourself based on my advice. Hence, why don’t you hurry to go through my article immediately?

What Is a Golf Club?

What Is a Golf Club?

Have you ever heard about the golf club before?

And I know that many people are confused by this word now. In a simple way, the golf club is considered as the club which you use to hit the golf ball in a golf game. There are two main parts for every club including the shaft and the club head.

By the rules, you are allowed to have up to 14 clubs in your bag. You cannot have more than this number but you can have less than that. Moreover, you can even have 14 drivers or 14 putters. However, it is not a wise decision for sure. As a result, I am going to go over them one by one and give you an idea of how to know which golf club to use.


What Golf Club to Use

I think that various people are wondering why we need to carry a full set of golf clubs during our game. The reason is very simple. When playing the game of golf, we never know what you are going to encounter the golf course. Hence, we carry a full set of the golf club to be prepared and ready for any situation.

As I mentioned before, the game of golf allows you to carry the maximum of 14 clubs. Well, all of them are designed for one specific thing or another. More specifically, they are all designed to go different distances. Golf clubs usually vary at 10 to 15-yard distance gaps. Thus, after reading my sharing, you can understand what golf club for what distance.

The driver

If you are a big fan of golf, you will know that the longest club is the driver. This is what you are going to use mainly off your tee shots. Theoretically, it will go the farthest. However, it is the hardest to hit for most people, in my opinion. Because there is not as much loft on the face, it is going to have more tendency to get the side spin as well as go way right or way left.

The wood

Then, I have a 3 and 5-woods and they are the second longest clubs in your bag. They have big heads as well as long shafts. As a consequence, they should go the second farthest with the great speed.

The wood is very hard to hit off the turf or the grass, but it is a lot easier to hit off the tee when comparing to the driver. So, in case you are a beginner, I highly recommend that you should use a 3-wood or a 5-wood off the tee.

The wood has more loft with no doubt. It is going to get more backspin which is going to help it go straighter. Hence, for most beginners, you are going to get more distance and accuracy off the tee with the wood. Furthermore, I have one important notice before moving to the next club.

There is a numbering system for woods, but not many people pay attention to this point. Do you know the meaning of these numbers? In particular, the lower the number is, the lower the ball should go and the farther the ball should go. On the other hand, the higher the number is, the higher the ball should go and the shorter the ball is going to go.

The irons

Next, we need to discover the irons which are ideal for intermediate distances. They are designed to hit with forgiveness instead of a scoring club. As a result, you can hit the little ball with accuracy and trajectory.

In particular, the irons usually come in a set and I personally have 4 through 9 irons. The 4-iron is going to go longer and a little lower than the 9 because the 4 is a lower number. Thus, the 9-iron will go less distance.

If you notice, there is a difference of the numbering system between the woods and the irons. The irons have even numbers while you do not see even numbers so much for woods. They are very rare and most people do not carry them.

The hybrids

In recent years, they have come out with new clubs called hybrids. And do you know what a hybrid is? It is a combination of an iron and a fairway wood. When you look at the 4-iron, it is fairly skinny and there is not a whole lot to it. It takes a lot of practice to be consistent with this 4-iron. That is why the hybrids exist these days.

The hybrids have the body of the fairway wood and keep the face angle of the irons. This will make longer irons easier to get in the air and go farther. The hybrids move all the mass back into the back of the club. In summary, the hybrids are basically the irons but they look different.

The wedges

Going to another one, I am going to have the wedges. There are a number of wedges on the current market such as the pitching wedge, the sand wedge, together with the lob wedge. The only difference between the wedges is the loft.

And of course, the wedges come in different degrees. If your club has the letter P, it is probably the pitching wedge. An S is for the sand wedge and L is for lob wedge. In case it says a G, it is probably gap wedge or an A could be an all wedge.

After having much experience, I suggest that you should not choose the wedge whose sole is very wide. It does not allow you to truly learn how to get good impact fundamentals. If the sole is too wide, they are designed from just pure forgiveness. So, whether you give a good or bad swing, it is hard to tell you the difference. It is not going to allow you to grow too much game.

The putters

The last one I have is the putter. There are all kinds of different styles of putters that will make sure you get the ball in the hole. I believe that you should get the right length of the putter to put yourself in the correct posture.

When talking about putters, they are very special since they are designed to roll the ball on the grass. Their lofts are under 10 degrees, which will allow more rolling for the ball. Also, you can prevent the ball from bouncing along the grass.

How Golf Clubs Are Made

The structure of the golf club

Regarding any golf clubs, you can see the slight difference in their structure. However, there are some main parts that you always have including the shaft, the grip, the hosel, the club head and the ferrule as well.

The shaft

First of all, we are talking about the shaft, which is a steel or graphite tapered tube. It has different length and weight due to the materials. And well, do you know how to re-shaft the golf club? If not, let’s discover now!

Before getting started, you need to prepare some materials such as a heat gun, a draw knife, a caliper, a buffing pad, shafting beads, the shafting epoxy, a wire brush, new ferrules and a shaft extractor. Then, we can start with removing the old ferrule. After that, place your shaft into the extracting tool by putting the pressure and pull on the head.

As the shaft is heated, you should tighten the shaft down in the tool to prevent it from sliding back and forth. Now, we can start to heat the shaft and the epoxy starts to break down, which makes the shaft pull off. Don’t forget to use the buffing pad to clean the shaft.

And you need to mix the epoxy by putting the resin with the hardener and shafting beads. Next, you can fill up the head cavity with epoxy as much as you can. In the end, you can align the shaft and the head perfectly. Make sure to pop it on the ground a couple times to have the good seed. Our work is done and we just need to wait for it to dry.

The grip

Having a good grip while hitting your ball is very important. A good grip can support your game and a bad grip can kill you. If you have a bad grip, you will never hit a consistent and powerful shot. Therefore, the grip is the first thing you need to feel comfortable with. That is how the club is connected to the body and vice versa.

Getting the grip right will allow you to hit the ball nicely but a poor grip will give you all types of compensations. To have the proper grip, you can draw some lines on your left hand to show where you want the grip to run across your hand. Place the grip on the bottom line and close your hand. You should position your left hand properly and then the right hand only need to follow.

Try this little exercise and I think it will help you a lot!

Furthermore, you can change the grip thickness depending on your hand size. A grip that is too small can often mean the hands are overworking, which causes the hook shot. On the other hand, a grip that is too thick can cause the hands to be passive. Hence, the ball can slice out to the right-hand side.

So, in case you want to know how to change the golf club grips, I am willing to share immediately. First and foremost, you need to have a regular carpenter’s knife with the hook on the end. It will help you easily get under the grip and lift it up. Moreover, you should remember to buy some double-sided masking tape and some solvent.

Now, we are ready to go to the main part. You should cut off the old grip and pull it right off. Then, you may take some time to strip the old tape. After that, you need to fit some new tape on after measuring it along the length of the grip. Make sure you leave a little bit extra on the top, so the grip does not get stuck when you slide it on.

And the next step is to fit some solvent into the grip and splash it inside. By this way, you can loosen the particles in there out. After some seconds, you should pour it onto the tape stuck along the shaft. Finally, you can fit and push the grip onto the shaft again. The most important thing is to make sure everything looks nice and straight.

Sometimes, you may need some little bit of twisting for the best outcome. These steps are very simple and easy to do at home. After the whole process, you need to leave the golf club about half an hour to dry up. Your task is done and let all that solvent evaporate at the grip.

The hosel

To make it simple, the hosel is one of the components included in the club head. This part connects to the shaft and is able to lower the gravity’s center of the golf club. As a result, the player can have better distance during their game.

How to Know Which Golf Clubs to Use?

The club head

For every golf club, there is only one face contacting the ball. And the putter is the only club that has two striking faces. However, they are identical and share the same characteristics.

The ferrule

The ferrule is a small piece of plastic which lays just above the hosel of the shaft. It acts as the protection to keep the shaft stick with the other parts.

What is golf club fitting?

When you get yourself a set of clubs, we need to make sure that they are fitting for you and the way you swing the golf club. Everyone is an individual and everyone needs an individual set of golf clubs. So, custom fitting is quite important.

If you get a set of golf clubs, you can take them to your local professional. In the course, they can assess to make sure they are suitable to fit yourself. If they are not, you can either get the club that you already have adjusted or purchased yourself a new set of golf clubs.

Club fitting can make your swing nice and then, you can feel comfortable with the clubs. Moreover, you can get the best impact conditions and ball flight.

How to measure the length of a golf club

Club length is the number one parameter in golf. If they feel too long or too short and you want to get new clubs, it is helpful to have this information on hand. However, most people do not know how to measure club length correctly.

To measure the club length, you need a sturdy aluminum 48-inch ruler. Then, the club needs to be positioned with the center of the sole touching the ground. And your ruler should slide along the heel of the club in afterward.

This is the correct way to measure. If the club is too upright where the club is resting on the toe or the heel, you are going to get the incorrect measurement. As a consequence, you can measure the back length to the edge of the grip cap. From there, you can take your measurement from the ruler.

Especially, a putter is measured slightly different from any other clubs in your bag because of where the shaft enters the head instead of the heel. Thus, you should put the ruler along the edge of the shaft. And from there, you can measure the edge of the grip cap. Make sure that the center of the sole is touching the ground. That is how to measure the length of the putter accurately.

How much does a golf club weigh?

How much your club weighs can really affect the shots that you hit. It will have a great impact on how far they go, how high they go and how straight they go. There are two different ways to measure the weights in golf such as the total weight and the swing weight.

Let’s start with the total weight. The total weight is effectively how much this club will weigh if we take apart everything and add up how much the head, the shaft, and the grip weigh. About the swing weight, it is a measure of how heavy the golf club feels.

Hence, when you extend the club in front of yourself, the club head starts to feel heavier. Therefore, you cannot hold your arm up for too long. And the swing weight is measured in letters and numbers in golf. It is important to get these things right so that you can time your swing and hit the shots you want.

How to change swing weight on a golf club

I have to say that there are a number of ways to change the swing weight on a golf club. You can either increase or decrease the weight to suit your circumstance. To increase the swing weight, you can add more tape to the club head. This is one of the simplest and quickest methods that I know. If your swing is more powerful and you have grown physically stronger, you need to add more swing weight.

Another tip is to meet a golf professional and ask for the change in the type of shaft. The heavy steel shaft can be the best option. I used to do this before, and after I changed the club’s shaft, it really affected the swing weight a lot.

On the other hand, if you want to reduce the swing weight, you can put the lead insert into the shaft. The perfect position is at the grip end or below the grip. Many people call this method as the counterbalancing. You tend to put more pressure on the grip end, but it will not have any impact on the flight of the ball. Instead, it will significantly improve your club’s feel.

More Things to Know about Club Sets

To assist you in finding the best club set, I am going to describe clearly about what type and how many golf clubs to put in your bag. If you read from the beginning of this article, you will know that the maximum number of clubs you can carry is 14. You are allowed to bring all of them or less.

There are different kinds of clubs that you use for different shots at different conditions at the different part of the golf course. In my opinion, you need to have the driver, the 3-wood, 5-wood, 5 to 9-iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, ultra-lob wedge, putter, 3 and 4-hybrid. This is a complete set that you need to have as a player.

Apart from these clubs, you can consider some other items on the current market. The essential thing is to choose what is compatible with your ability, your style, and your swing. Moreover, you can practice using different clubs to find out which suits you best. Don’t forget to bring other golf essentials such as balls and bag.

Some Additional FAQ

How to swing a golf club step by step

How to swing a golf club step by step.jpg

When you swing a golf club and the club gets to the top of your swing, it only weighs 12 to 14 ounces. The problem is as soon as the club starts down, it gains in weight and force. Thus, it is getting heavier and heavier. Instead of going out towards the ball, it wants to fall back behind you. So, a golf swing is about all these offsetting forces.

Hence, what do you have to feel like to make a swing work? To hit the ball straight, the golf club is going to move in and around. This means that the golf club does not travel in a straight line, but on a rotational axis around your body.

If we swing too high, we often curve the ball too far to the right or we will end up pulling it straight to the left. If you swing too low on the arc, you will either curve the ball too viciously to the left or you will push it directly to the right.

Moreover, as we swing around our body, the clubs should continue on this line without turning the face. I am sure that you can have a great shot if you keep the club face in uniform with the shaft and not twist it during your hit. The link below can help you understand more and more about the great tips to have an incredible golf swing.

How to hold/grip a golf club

I have played golf for many years and I notice only a handful of players who actually grip the club properly. There are three essentials found in every good grip. The first thing is that you should support the weight of the club with the top three fingers of your left hand.

The second essential is the right hand. The palm of the right hand must be facing the target. And the third essential is the position of the right thumb. It must be to the left side of center with a minimal pressure. If you want to know more details about the right way to grip the golf club, please go through this article, and you can have all of the information related to this aspect.

How to sharpen golf club grooves

Last but not least, I am going to end this article with how to sharpen golf club grooves with the sharpener. To begin the work, you should apply some tape to the end of the club as well as the hosel. By this way, if you happen to slip, you will not scratch the remaining portions of the club.

Moreover, it is important to determine upfront what groove type your club has because they are constructed differently. By doing this, you can decide to choose the V groove or the U groove. Then, you can apply some lubricant to make the process easier. Now, you can take the groove sharpener and start drawing on the grooves back several times.

At first, you can do it very slowly and over time, you can apply more pressure. Continue drawing it back until you see a shinier bottom. You are regrouping the grooves back towards their original profiles. And don’t worry about the damage since the groove sharpener is designed to ensure that you do not go any deeper than 35,000 of an inch.


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing will help you gain more information about how to choose the suitable golf clubs as well as which golf clubs to use. However, in case you have any queries and confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.