Kirkland Golf Balls Review: 4 Exciting Things You Need to Know

Kirkland golf balls

Since Costco announced the appearance of Kirkland Golf Ball, both amateur and
professional golfers have become crazy to get their hands on it.

Be curious to know WHY?

Before showing a detailed Kirkland golf balls review below, we will highlight GREAT POINTS that make you fall in love with this product instantly.

This model is famous for offering the low handicap golfer with a high-spinning performance that can be formed from tee to green. That means it suits those who have different swing speeds.

Moreover, it’s designed with a big core to enhance distance while maintaining the control.

Although Kirkland is not a popular brand in this industry, it’s manufactured by Costco, a well-known brand for quality. Thankfully, Costco affirms that the quality of Kirkland products may even surpass the top national brands.

That explains why the first release was sold out, and Costco is about to produce
the second one.

In case you need MORE reasons to buy these golf balls, here you go.

Details of the Kirkland Golf Balls Review 2020

An overview of Kirkland golf balls


  • Offer two kinds of golf balls (3-piece and 4-piece)
  • Use a urethane cover, giving a softer feel
  • Come with a high compression
  • Ideal for tour quality golf ball with an affordable price


  • Reasonable price compared to other mid-range balls
  • Provides great spin, distance and feel on the greens
  • Perfect for advanced and pro golfers


  • Easily turns to yellow because of sun exposure
  • Less durable

Two types of Kirkland balls and their key features

Three-piece golf balls

This product is at the mid-range of the market with a reasonable price for golfers of all skill levels.

Its exterior comes with a 360 dimpled design and urethane cover that significantly enhances the spin rate and ball trajectory. It also allows to create a penetrating ball flight.

Thanks to a soft and high elastic core, it’s easy to maximize distance for those with slow swing speed.

Meanwhile, its mantle interacts with the soft cover to create optimized spin for iron and wedge shots. Relying on that, it prevents the ball from taking a straight flight up in the air because of back-spin.

Four-piece golf balls

As its name suggests, this ball comes with 4 layers including a cover, mantle, outer core, and core.

Its shell is also composed of urethane used in almost premium balls. Since the mantle of these balls works well with the 360-dimpled design, it remarkably improves the spin rate and ball trajectory.

Thanks to the outer core made of rubber, it influences the spin and feel of the golf ball to maximize the energy transfer. It even offers the real experience and playability without giving up the distance.

Of course, the large and soft core plays an important part to maximize the distance as well as guarantee the energy transfer.

Kirkland golf balls’ durability

Since the cover of these golf balls is made up of urethane, they tend to cut and scuff a lot.

The smoothness of the cover is likely to be damaged. That’s why you can catch scratches and other issues on the ball’s surface in a short period.

Additionally, the urethane cover makes the balls prone to yellow because of sun exposure.

Although the Kirkland golf balls last up to a round of play, they perform great on the whole. You can play with the damaged ball as long as you feel comfortable with the rough feel.

Value for money

It can be said that the Kirkland golf balls are priced well below its competitors.

With two dozen balls for under $40, you are guaranteed high-performance spinning golf balls while playing.

For experienced golfers, this product is a perfect choice since it helps to save their money a lot.

Read now Kirkland golf balls review before buying

Who is this golf ball for?

The truth is that the Kirkland golf balls are not for every golfer out there. Pro or talented ones who always shoot well in 18 rounds, swing well and have good control will take a better control of the ball.

In case you are a mid to high handicapper, ignore this product. It’s because all the technology above may make no sense to you.

Just purchase the ball that best suits your ability and skills.

Comparisons with other golf balls

Regarding the price, Kirkland is a competitive golf ball because it offers high quality at a great price.

But there is no denying that these balls can no longer compete with the best brands in the golf market.

At this time, follow us and try comparing Kirkland with other brands!

Let’s compare Kirkland with other golf balls

Lets compare Kirkland with other golf balls

Vs. Titleist PROV1

For iron shots, these two balls perform equally with almost the same flying distance and spin. For driver shots, the Kirkland balls offer the lower spin and further flying distance than the PROV1.

For wedge shots, the Kirkland golf balls might be less responsive and appealing in the greens than the Titleist PROV1. However, these features are hard to notice when playing.

Vs. Callaway Chrome Soft

As compared with the Kirkland balls, the Callaway Chrome Soft comes with a thinner outer core and a large inner core. Relying on that, it improves the ball’s speed and lower long-game spin for more distance.

If you are a mid to high handicapper, you should consider this product since it provides a balanced blend of compression, spin, and a lower trajectory.

Final Verdict

The Kirkland golf ball is a win-win in every aspect. It is not only affordable but it also offers excellent features.

If you are a pro golfer, this is for you. Or in case you don’t need much technology on the course, it’s best to look for other products.

So, make sure you check whether this model can fulfill your demands or not.

All in all, our efforts in this Kirkland golf balls review is to give the necessary information for you to make the right decision.

Give it a try now, or send us any question you are still wondering! We’d love to support!

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