Top 10 Best Driver Shafts for All Kinds of Levels that You Need to Know

Driver shafts

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History of Shaft – A Quick Glance

Previously, golf clubs had wooden shafts, which was commonly made of hickory. This material was known for its resilience and ability to withstand the forces from the golf swing.

After that, steel would quickly become the universal choice of the second half of the twentieth century. Although it is heavier than the hickory, it is stronger and more consistent in its performance.

One of the first steel shafts was the graphite ones, which was invented by Frank Thomas in 1969. The ever-first graphite shafts had stable properties and were a bit pricey.

Key Features to Consider to Pick the Right Shaft for Your Driver



Graphite shafts are lightweight, around half the weight of a steel shaft. That’s why they are ideal for enhancing swing speeds. Moreover, they can create long drives.

On the downside, they are more expensive, less durable, and accurate as compared to steel shafts.

Overall, they are good for all golfers, especially for newbies, intermediate, and senior players.


On the contrary to the graphite driver shafts, the steel versions are heavier, yet durable and less expensive. Although most are made of carbon steel, you can find some stainless-steel variants.

Since these deliver more control and come with greater emphasis on accuracy, they are recommended for those who might do with more control. And they are more popular amongst the pros.

Multi-material shafts

If you want a combination of graphite and steel to get the advantages of both, you should opt for the multi-material shafts.

Most come with a firm steel shaft and a lightweight graphite tip. Relying on that, you can add distance to your swing as well as controlling accuracy with ease.

Shaft Flex

Flex point (kick point)

An especially important feature for both speed and accuracy of the club is the flex of the shaft.

The flex point, also called kick point, is the point of the shaft at which it bends. Also, it affects the ball’s trajectory on every shot.

So, the higher the flex point is, the lower the trajectory is, and vice versa.

Flex torque

It is the amount of twisting of the shaft after it has been swung.

Additionally, it signifies how the shaft feels to every player. That means the higher the rating is, the softer the shaft feels.

For instance, a shaft with a 3-degree torque will be stiffer than the one with 5-degree torque.


  • Stiff or firm – A stiff shaft is suitable for those with a swing speed of 95 to 105 miles per hour.
  • Extra stiff – The extra stiff shaft, of course, has truly little flex. And it is more suitable for pro players who have a carry distance up to 275 yards and a swing speed up to 105 miles per hour.
  • Ladies – Those who often drive the golf ball less than 180 yards and have a swing speed under 75 miles per hour. Though we found some longer-hitting women are okay with the regular or stiff flex shafts.
  • Tour stiff – In fact, tour players use extra stiff shafts, but there are some of the stiffest driver shafts available. Just note that this type is not for novice players.
  • Seniors – Those who typically have a slower speed between 75 to 85 miles per hour will be suited to the shafts marked “M” for “mature” or “medium.”
  • Regular – This type is for beginners and weekend players who swing the drivers at 85 to 95 miles per hour.

Look at this chart below to know better

TypeSwing Speed (mph)Carry Distance (yards)
Seniors75-85Under 200
Ladies75Under 200
Stiff or firm95-105240-275
Tour stiff95-105240-275
Extra stiffOver 105Over 275

Weight and Length

Both features are mostly dependent on personal preference. That means you must determine what distance and speed you want to cover.

For example, if the distance is vital, it is best to choose the graphite shaft since it is fast and light. In case you only care for accuracy and control, the steel shaft will be a nice pick.

How about the length?

The longer shafts, of course, cover more distance than the shorter ones. However, they will lack control and accuracy since they have more torque to get great distances.

Top Driver Shafts Brands All-Time


As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Aldila is known as the world’s biggest manufacturers of carbon fiber shafts.

It produces shafts for lots of golf club manufacturers such as TaylorMade, Callaway, and Ping.


Since 1995, Fujikura has become a leader in the golf shaft industry after introducing the iconic Speeder to the PGA Tour.

With two missions as producing the world’s best performance golf shafts and giving enjoyment to all golfers, this company has produced the best equipment to help players show the best of their abilities.

Tour Ad

Being a part of Graphite Design (Asia) Co., Ltd., Tour Ad is described as the number 1 shaft played on JGTO in Japan.

For any shaft with the company’s “Tour Ad” logo, you are guaranteed to get the best accuracy and distance. No matter who you are, novices or professionals, you can optimize your game after using these shafts.


Established by Kim Braly, a famous shaft designer, KBS is known as one of the advanced steel shaft brands in the industry.

Since 2008, it has quickly built a new standard in steel shafts with its unparalleled development and acclaim.

MCA (Mitsubishi Chemical)

Like Aldila, MCA Golf, INC. is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, which is dedicated to producing high-quality performing composite golf shafts for golfers?


This is a famous brand in the MCA company which is well-known for the new and advanced shafts for pros because of its ability and consistency under pressure.


As a new franchise, Tensei CK Series combines more advanced materials to manufacture high-quality shafts.


This brand features two important techs including Titanium Nickel Wire and Low Resin Content which intend to bring the power for the shaft by combining both fiber and wire.


Belonging the TRUE TEMPER company, PROJECT X is famous for utilizing ultra-premium materials to provide your game with tour-level performance driver shafts.

UST Mamiya

Founded in 1991 in Fort Worth, TX, UST Mamiya is famous for the “World’s Finest Carbon Fiber Golf Shafts.”

It supplies manufacturers like Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Wilson, Ping, and so on.

Moreover, it produces world-renowned brands like Recoil, ATTAS, Elements, IROD, etc. which are played in over one hundred tour events around the world.


AEROTECH is known as the No.1 Graphite Iron Shaft in Golf.

Today, its products are available in many club manufacturers like Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, Ping, Cleveland Golf, Srixon, and more.


TRUE TEMPER is one of the leading manufacturers of golf shafts in the world. In other words, this company might be the No.1 golf shaft on most of the professional tours around the world.


Established in 1993, Matrix has always aimed to produce world-class golf shafts for both weekend and tour players. That’s why you easily find the best shaft that is suitable for your budget.

In-depth Review of 10 Best Driver Shafts 2021

1. Best Overall/Editor’s Choice

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black Driver/Fairway Shaft

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black is described as a massive splash of the HZRDUS family because of its strong stability, deadly accuracy, laser-like low launch, and low spin.

So, what features make this product stand out?

First off, let’s talk about its material.

The New HZRDUS is made from high-quality graphite. Since it will not break with ease, it will last for years to come. Besides, the paint-job is smoke black and doesn’t wear out.

How about the feel?

As compared to the original HZRDUS Black, this one has a lower torque. For this result, it offers a smoother feel despite the truth that Project X produced it stiffer along the length of the shaft.

That means if you need a shaft that can deal with your most aggressive swings, you should consider this version right away.


  • Durable
  • Nice look
  • Extremely stiff
  • Smoother feel
  • Ideal for fast swings
  • Good control


  • Pay extra for an adapter and grip (if you need)

2. Cheapest

Grafalloy New ProLaunch Red Driver Shaft

Coming from a line of the best driver shafts by Grafalloy, the New ProLaunch Red Driver Shaft is famous for its effectiveness and speed. More importantly, this unit has a reasonable price for those who have a limited budget.

One of the most outstanding features is an excellent combination of the ProLaunch technology and the Grafalloy’s proprietary micro-mesh tip technology.

This truly strikes an outstanding balance of tip stiffness and stability while keeping perfect feel at impact as compared to other low trajectory shaft designs.

How about spin control? Will the flatter shaft do well?

The tip-stiff composite shaft design plays a vital role in preserving the critical feeling of the shaft. Relying on that, your trajectory is on-point, dead-on, and balanced at any time.


  • Ideal for low trajectory
  • Great feel while using
  • Easy to install
  • Cheap price tag


  • Not for high trajectory

3. Best for Slow Swing Speeds

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft + TaylorMade M1/M2/M3/M4 Tip + Grip

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-flex Shaft is a nice pick that goes easy on newbies or intermediate golfers who want to get the job done.

This one can support the technique and skill of low swingers. So, if you have less than 85 mph swing speed, it is worth consideration.

Although this product is especially used for the TaylorMade models including M1, M2, M3, and M4, it comes with more excellent features and more high build quality.

Let’s find out now!

This shaft is equipped with good construction, so it is steady, solid, and stable. Moreover, it is made of fiber, which is one of the hardest materials to make this driver shaft accurate.

What’s more, while the grip bears perfect movement, the tip ensures a longer and more unchanging trajectory.

In case you prefer this brand yet want the one for only right-handed instead for both hands, the Fujikura Vista Pro 55 Graphite Shaft will be a nice choice.


  • Firm and stiff
  • Good added grip
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Nice upgrade for the TaylorMade
  • Ideal for right and left-handed


  • Not included wrench

4. Best Graphite Shafts

Aldila Rogue Black 60 Graphite Wood Shaft

Made up of 100% high-quality material, Aldila Rogue Black 60 Graphite wood shaft is described as one of the premium shafts that can last for years to come.

Furthermore, this unit is famous for the excellent performance, especially if you don’t have more strength to add to the swing speed, it allows you to get the same result as the others.

Sounds cool, right?

One more terrific feature that attracts us is that this wood shaft delivers a low spin yet a high launch angle. Relying on that, attaining the desired trajectory is easy.

What’s more, since the lightweight material decreases the weight, this increases the swing speed which leads to a longer distance.

Overall, everything from the Aldila Rogue Black is designed to deliver high performance to players. Ever so wonderfully, it comes with a budget-friendly price tag.


  • Good-quality material
  • Reliable performance for beginners or even professionals
  • Easy to get extra distance
  • Real deal


  • Distracting design for some

5. Best for Distance

For Callaway New Aldila Tour Blue ATX 65 S/X Flex + Callaway Adapter Installed

If what you want is the driver shaft for the best distance, For Callaway New Aldila Tour Blue ATX 65 S/X Flex is an appropriate choice.

This one is equipped with the latest technology – MLT (Micro Laminate Technology) as well as made from the ultra-strong and ultra-thin material.

That’s why both notable features give you excellent performance and consistency.

Also, a softer tip makes the Tour Blue an ideal pick for those who want a higher launch and more spin with the driver.

Plus, you can slightly lower your trajectory without losing carry distance with it.

One more terrific feature is that this unit is installed with Callaway Adapter to fit well some of the drivers such as Epic, Rogue, XR16, etc. And this allows you to launch the ball high and create a low backspin rate.


  • Nice look
  • Good for distance
  • Softer tip
  • Smooth to the touch


  • Some prefer more color

6. Longest Shaft

Accuflex Pro Long Golf Shaft

In most cases, shafts come with a maximum length of forty-eight inches. But if you want to play professionally, i.e. hitting up to thirty yards, you should consider the Accuflex Pro Long golf shaft.

Known as the world’s longest shaft with the length of fifty inches, it delivers a ton of enjoyment during your weekend trips or practice rounds for sure.

In terms of material, this one is made from high-grade graphite. So, it will not break or vibrate while using.

Besides, it offers a variety of stiffness in such a way that you can pick a suitable model.

The only issue is that this shaft might not be legal for some events because of its length.

Though it is okay to cut down to conform to regulations.


  • Premium quality
  • Easy to install
  • Extra-long hits (30 yards)
  • Lots of stiffness available
  • Good for the price


  • Not ideal for some events

7. Heaviest

Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver 60 .335 Graphite Wood Driver Shaft

Paired with the dual-core titanium nickel wire at the tip section, Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver is suitable for those who want to heighten the stability and accuracy.

Furthermore, it is the heaviest driver shaft, and that factor helps to increase the accuracy (as we mentioned above).

One more excellent feature is a low resin prepreg.

It comes with over 15% more carbon fiber and 13% less resin as compared to traditional prepregs. And this makes sure that you get an enhanced feel and extra amount of strength.

Finally, since the Kuro Kage includes a variable torque system, it can provide you flex and shaft torque for the desired performance


  • Extremely stable and lower spin
  • Low resin
  • Heaviest shaft
  • Ideal for those have under 100 mph swing speed


  • Some complaint of the unclear introduction of the tip

8. Easiest Customize

Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft

What I love about the Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 driver shaft most is that you can order your desired specs thanks to a variety of flex and torque degree options available.

Furthermore, the lower kick point makes it stand out to me.

As you know, a lower kick point results in a higher trajectory, which can change a longer shot. So, in case you want to perform short distances, you should consider this one.

Overall, this fifth generation of Matrix White Tie will be suitable for those who have a smooth tempo and require increasing their launch.


  • Better control
  • Smooth feel
  • Lightweight for a good high launch
  • Customizable on request


  • Not included wrench
  • Quite expensive

9. Best for High Launch

UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL Golf Shaft

As its name suggests, UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL golf shaft is ideal for golfers who prefer to get the high launch.

Moreover, it combines a stiffer tip and a lower kick point to deliver a unique connection of lower spin with a high initial trajectory.

Another fantastic point is that this unit offers two versions including the 50-gram for lightening the load and the 60-gram for upgrading ball control.

Equipped with advanced technologies like Recoil Tech and Stiff Tip, the Proforce V2 boasts giving you the tour-like performance shaft at a reasonable cost.


  • Well-made with cool design
  • Easy to install
  • High launch shaft with lots of backspin
  • Increased trajectory


  • Some require an extra-stiff version

10. Lowest Spin

Accra New Tour Z 85 Low Spin LS Driver Shaft

As a brand-new addition in the Accra driver shaft collections, the New Tour Z 85 Low Spin shaft doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to performance as its predecessors.

With a responsive tip at the end part, it allows lowering the amount of spin produced to enhance the extra swing speed and draw bias.

Also, it delivers a good blend of stability and power to any aggressive player.

Plus, it is paired with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip to deliver a good and comfortable feel for most players.


  • Low spin and torque
  • Ideal for golf tours
  • Good speed and stability
  • Customized shaft on request


  • A bit lightweight for some


How to know if you have picked the wrong shaft?

The truth is that you easily recognize it right after swinging the club.

You soon find that you might hit the ball off-center or the ball won’t go as far as it should. Or if the shaft is too stiff or heavy or vice versa, both significantly influence the game.

So, What Driver Shaft do I Need?

If you view all the best driver shafts above and know your demands, you easily choose the most suitable one.

In fact, I also have my own winner; that is, the Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black Driver/Fairway Shaft.

This unit has everything that a golfer needs in terms of performance. Moreover, it is made from premium-quality material, making it more durable.

What’s more, it has an attractive design and an affordable price.

Or in case you just need the stiffest driver shaft or the one for higher launch or anything, I promise you cannot go wrong with this list.

Time to ORDER and then enjoy your game. Have fun!

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