Learn How To Hit A 3 Wood In Golf – Improve Your Golf Skills

Hitting a 3 wood is, without a doubt, a big mystery to anyone taking up golf. As a golf lover, you surely have dreamed about mastering all techniques and skills, right? Unfortunately, you get an issue with hitting the 3-wood club. This is a common problem that every golf player has to struggle with.

We all understand how hard it is, but with our instruction, this challenge will soon be completed. Follow our lead and learn how to hit a 3 wood now!

Why Is It Hard To Hit A 3 Wood?

Before learning how to hit a 3 wood, we have to understand its difficulties.

Is hitting a 3 wood similar to hitting an iron?

You probably have already got used to playing golf with an iron. But remember, each type of golf club provides different effects (forces, speed) on the golf ball. So using a 3 wood will not be similar to an iron.

Typically, when using an iron, you will sweep the golf ball or attempt to swing it up. Although you can play well with this club, your technique will not be effective much when applying to swing a 3 wood. Therefore, using this type of golf club, you are required to master different techniques.

To be honest, playing with a 3 wood is difficult. But if you still want to choose this club as your favorite partner, you will first have to understand how the 3 wood would travel in the air. And then practice swinging the club till you are able to control it.

Learn How To Hit A 3 Wood In Golf - Improve Your Golf Skills

Trouble hitting fairway woods

How to hit a 3 wood from the fairway? Surely it is not easy. In fact, golfers often encounter many troubles at this step. But be assured, we will dig in the details to see the 3 most common reasons for golfers’ struggling.

There is a lack of loft in the 3 Wood

The first reason is that your 3 wood has less loft. As a sequence, you are not able to give enough force to drive the ball to the area you want.

The golf balls spin less

Some golf balls are designed to have either less side spin or backspin. If your ball has less spin, it will fly in a straight line instead of a curved direction. Moreover, the ball will stop flying after a short amount of time.

The clubhead has lower speeds

The lower speed the head of your club is, the less the ball can spin. So every time you get a problem while swinging the 3 wood from the fairway, probably it is because of the clubhead’s slow speed.

How Do You Hit Your Fairway Woods Consistently?

Understanding the difficulty, we will now continue to learn some tips to hit the fairway woods consistently.

Choosing Your Position

First, put the ball in front of you and keep your body center on the right of the ball. And then move and turn your body slowly until you aim that the ball and the left side of your chest are aligned with each other.

Lower your head and back a little bit. Approach the ball with the 3 wood club with the same techniques as approaching from the tee. Swing it first to test your technique.

Spread your legs as wide as your shoulder length. Focus your weight on your feet to stabilize your stand. This process is important to do some postures of hitting a 3 wood such as the backswing and downswing.

When you are about to swing, tilt your body towards the ball but don’t let your feet get out of their position. At this posture, you can use the 3 wood to catch the ball at the most suitable angle.

Lower your knees and straighten your shoulders. If you feel your body balanced already, you are ready to swing.

Ball position

Determining the position of the ball is really necessary. Most beginners often place the ball too far away from their position. And normally, they think that at that position, the ball can enter the hole easily. However, this is completely wrong.

In fact, when standing near the ball, you can simply adjust the ball into the hole. By then, you can see the direction of the ball and get into the right posture. So, the distance between the ball and the standing position should not be too far.

If you intend to go with this, you should place the 3 wood just below your chest. This is the most ideal position to hit the ball into the hole.

Ball position

Stop topping

To put it simply, you top the shot, you fail, you hit the golf ball solid, the mission is accomplished. Don’t forget that a 3 wood does not have much loft so it cannot send the ball into the air greatly like other clubs. Therefore, one of the tips to hit this club consistently is to stop topping.

The easiest way to stop topping is that you should push your weight forward and swing the club through the ball. While doing that technique, both your arms must be fully extended.  

Angle the lie

At this time, after you have done to prepare your club, the next thing to do is the angle the lie. This process is of paramount importance because lies always have an amazing effect on the ball.

A simple principle to consider is the more regrettable the lie gets, the more space required. Do not try to swing this 3 wood from the deep rough. Evaluating the lie will help you to get the ball up rapidly and advance the ball nearer to the green.

Many high-class golfers have run into trouble when they attempt to swing their 3 wood club from deep rough. As a sequence, the fescue can twist the hosel, giving some unexpected errors.


When hitting a 3-wood, the player usually moved at a fast tempo. They will gather all their power and swing it far away. However, 100% strength is not required. In fact, with only 60% power, you can already hit it far enough.

To practice swinging, you can try the sweet spot first. Then, once you have mastered the sweet spot, you can speed up.

Hands forward at address

To put your hands forward at address, you need the correct posture and the precise location of the ball. You should allow your spine to tilt toward the ball. Your legs have to spread so that they and the form an isosceles triangle, and your hands should be relaxed and hang between your feet. Finally, you can calculate the sweet spot of the clubface behind the ball. 

Choose suitable fairway woods

Fairway wood should be a good addition to your golf bag if you want more distance to your game. As usual, the player uses the fairway to gain control and hit long approach shots. But first, you should choose the most suitable one. 

A 3 wood club with a good shaft is an ideal option. A long shaft and the fairway woods allow golfers to hit the ball quicker, stronger, and further. However, this also makes it very difficult for new players to control the club. So if you are not professional golf, I recommend you stick to a fairway wood with a shorter shaft.

The adjustable loft is advantageous because it will determine your hit distance. Typically, a fairway has a loft level of 15 to 24 degrees. The lower loft will be suitable when hitting off the tee. Meanwhile, a higher loft might be more effective when playing on par 5s.

The clubhead is the only part of the fairway coming into direct contact with the ball. So you need to consider the head design. Fairway wood has a board head that would be great for hitting the ball off the tee. On the other hand, a shallower head will be effective when you are hitting on rough roads.

With a round face, you can cut through effortlessly while the flat edges one enables great hits from tight lies.

Last but not least, consider your budget. The price of a fairway wood is quite extravagant. So, consider carefully and ask the salesman for advice.

Learn How To Hit A 3 Wood In Golf - Improve Your Golf Skills

Tips To Hit A 3 Wood On Different Terrain

To fully master your golf skills, you surely want to learn how to hit a 3 wood on different terrain, right? Then scroll down now! We will share the great tips for you below.

Off the tee

To hit your 3 wood off the tee, you have to practice to drive the ball.

Hit the ball so that it will fly low. In order to make this happen, you should hit at the front center of the golf ball. 

If the golf ball is still teed up high, you should modify your back shoulder to a lower height. As a result, after you hit, you are able to keep the ball low.

Off the ground

To hit a 3 wood off the ground, you have to keep in mind that this club should not be used as a driver. Instead, you should blow the ball downward slightly.

Normally, many golfers struggle with this skill, but we will give you some tips to shorten your time of practice. More specifically, when you swing down, shift your weight to your left leg and let the 3 wood swing in the down direction. The club will then strike the ball before it touches the turf, creating enough force to push the ball up high.

Off the deck

Hitting a 3 wood off the deck seems to be really hard. Frequently, golfers encounter a problem when hitting the ball. Or simply they fail to hit it. The following four tips might ease you off this problem

  • Place the golf ball in front of and right in the middle of your stance.
  • Attempt to sweep the ball as much as you can
  • Hit down the ball instead of topping it
  • Choke the 3 wood

Off the fairway

To have a good fairway wood shot, you should know the position of the club arc bottoms out in the swing process. A lofted iron swing that bottoms out just after the ball is the reason why great golfers strike the ball first and the turf, which creates a lovely divot. 

A fairway wood swing bottoms out precisely at the point of impact, with players getting the ball neatly and simply damaging the ground a short time later. 

As usual, the golfers do not like taking large gouging divots with their 3-wood club. Because they do not have enough loft, fairway woods are not the right choice when you want to send the ball skyward.


One more time, we have to say that learning how to hit a 3 wood is challenging. But with correct guidance, you can easily pull it off. It is just about how hard you practice and how much time you spend on training.

As golf lovers, we always want to share with you the easiest tips to help you master all the golf techniques. If you still want to improve your skills, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Anyhow, when you can hit your favorite 3 wood consistently, please give us feedback on our instructions. We also want to renew and improve our golf skills.

And now for the last, thank you for reading this article!

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