Top 5 Best Golf Driver For Seniors Are Ruling The Roost In 2020

best golf driver for seniors
Top 5 Best Golf Driver For Seniors Are Ruling The Roost In 2020

Golf has never failed to attract seniors players. The reason is because this kind of sports helps them to relieve stress, enhance overall health status, stay active and young.

Playing golf isn’t easy as it requires lots of techniques, patience, and effort.

When playing golf, a golf driver is a must-have item. If you’re too fed up with looking for the best golf driver for seniors because of the great number of products available, please take a glance at our article.

In the current market, golf drivers come in a wide range of types, quality, prices, and styles. So:

What To Look For In A Driver For Senior?

Senior golfers’ difficulties

When we’re getting old, our muscles aren’t as powerful as they used to be, we become ponderous and weak. As a result, seniors have to deal with numerous challenges and difficulties when they swing.

Apart from technology, strength, balance, and flexibility are three main factors.

From 50 above, old people tend to have a significant falloff in both strength and sense of balance. To handle this problem, taking a gym class and exercising several lessons related to stabilization and balance enhancement will be beneficial.

It is commonly known that poor hip flexibility leads to wobbles in your swing. Especially when you are seniors, your swing speed generally ranges from 70 to 85mph. Having appropriate workout routines including flexibility exercises will surely enhance general flexibility and golf flexibility.

Notably, in order to have a good swing, you should stretch and warm up before starting the game. After 30 minutes of taking some light stretching, you are now ready to swing powerfully.

Technology for seniors

Technology undoubtedly transforms the golf game. Below are several tech gadgets you could use to have a better playing.

High-tech golf balls

This fact may surprise you. High-tech golf balls were first made in the 14th century in Scotland. High-tech golf balls’ appearance is similar to the traditional balls’. However, what’s inside is the matter.

High-tech golf balls include from 3 to 5 layers of compression core, outer core, and mantle. This feature aims to have better performance. These balls are able to hit further and react fast to numerous types of spins and shots.

Apart from the type of ball mentioned above, the “chemistry” ball is also an excellent golf ball. It utilizes graphene in its dual-core construction. Even though it doesn’t improve people’s golf games, graphene is in charge of displaying screens, a wide range of medical, industrial and chemical processes, solar cells.

Data analytics and mobile apps

Since golf become a trendy sport, golf-related mobile app market mushrooms. Seniors can easily download some mobile apps to keep track of their shot and make use of data analytics to have a better shot next time.

In detail, it will have a small sensor putting into the ends of golfer clubs’ grips. These small but useful gadgets aim to record and analyze all shots with GPS and other cutting-edge technologies.

Some smart apps also calculate handicaps for distinct parts of your playing including chip shots, driving, putting and approach shots. Furthermore, they determine your strengths and weaknesses.


Rangefinders utilize laser technology to calculate an accurate measurement of the hole. Hence, they will surely give you a true picture of how far you are from the hole.

Things to consider when selecting the best golf driver for seniors

Below are several important features that you should take into consideration seriously. Keep reading to find out:

#1: Shaft material

Shaft material is normally made of graphite or steel.

Steel shafts are generally heavier between the two. We bet that most beginners want to use a driver with a graphite shaft instead. Graphite shaft is lighter and more flexible. Hence, it helps increase your swing speed, control, and accuracy.

#2: Shaft flex grade

The shaft flex grade vastly depends on your swing speed.

If your swing speed is below 70 miles per hour, go for a drive with a ladies flex shaft.

In case your swing speed ranges from 70 to 85 miles per hour, a drive with a senior flex shaft is all you need.

If your swing speed is higher than 85 miles per hour, a stiff or regular flex shaft is a smart choice.

#3: Length

There is a tiny difference between the driver’s length for women and men. Men’s drivers are normally measured from 45 to 48 inches. Women’s drivers tend to be approximately 44 inches. Of course, the size of the driver also depends on how players feel about the overall control.

#4: Loft

The loft represents the angle created between its face and shaft. Firstly, you need to determine your swing speed because the loft of your driver depends greatly on it.

To calculate your swing speed, you could use a computerized launch monitor. Higher swing speed requires less loft for your driver.

A maximum loft of regular drivers is only 12 degrees; this indicator could increase up to 14 degrees for seniors and older players.

#5: Club head size

The look of a club head differs. Woods and fairway woods drivers tend to have larger heads than those of wedges. While traditional putters offer small head sizes, modern designs possess heads with larger volumes.

However, when it comes to golf driver for seniors, you should pick up a club head with a large size.

Tips for better swings for seniors

Seniors or old people tend to struggle with swings as they lose their strength and flexibility. Seniors’ swing speed generally ranges from 70 to 85 mph.

Grasp some tips below to increase your power.

#1: Use your arms and hands properly

Top 5 Best Golf Driver For Seniors Are Ruling The Roost In 2020

When getting old, our body fails to rotate as flexibly as it used to. As a result, it decreases our body speed. To overcome the lack of rotational speed, we should sling the club through with arms and hands.

To gain more power, you are better off leading with your lower body to attain torque.

#2: When finished, let your arms folded

Instead of taking a big and wrap-around finish, senior golfers should let their arms collapse comfortably and elbows down. Hence, shoulders and hips turn through roughly, which reduce stress on the back.

#3: Let the swinging motion pull your body back

Senior golf players are in need of more overall motion to increase power. To level up your power, you should concentrate on extending the arms back and making a full wrist hinge.

Top Rated Drivers For Seniors On The Market

1. Most Forgiving driver – Editor choice

Callaway Golf 2017 Men's Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Look for the most forgiving driver? Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver is waiting for you to pick up.

Callaway brand seems to be the leader in the golf industry as it possesses the world’s largest manufacturer of golf clubs. This American company provides a wide range of sporting goods such as golf equipment, golf lifestyle-related products, and golf accessories.

After years of experience, Callaway is extremely talented in producing high-quality golf-related products and meeting the customer’s requirement. As a result, all Callaway products are favored by worldwide golfers. And Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver isn’t an exception.

Callaway Epic Driver delivers maximum forgiveness because it is perfectly created by a combination of tri-axial carbon crown and titanium Exo-Cage which generates unprecedented forgiveness in a low-spin and high-launch design.

To support a great swing, it is equipped with precision shot-shape control. Its sliding 17g weight and redesigned track allow golfers to fit the club to their swings. Simultaneously, this Callaway driver also offers 21 yards of short-shape correction of the distance of control.

Apart from control support, it also supports faster head speed. The incorporation of the proprietary Speed Step and streamlined head helps enhance airflow for higher swing speed.

Especially, this product comes in 4 types: HZRDS (40g), Diamana (50g), Fuji (60g) and Rogue (70g). Each type promotes a distinct feature. Speed, power, stability, feel and control respectively.

In short, this product is highly appropriate for those who love a driver with high forgiveness. Just give it a try, and you’ll never regret it.

Product information:

  • Product dimension: 48x6x6 inches
  • Forgiveness: High
  • Head materials: Titanium and Tri-carbon titanium
  • Face technology: R-Moto


  • Impressive distance
  • Fast and powerful with great adjustability
  • Numerous stock shaft options
  • More ball speed across the face
  • Adjustable perimeter weighting


  • Takes time and patience to adjust properly

2. Best drivers for distance

Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver

Seek for the best drivers for distance? Cobra drivers are our recommendations. Cobra goods are not only famous for their continuous innovation but also their eye-catching and modern design. There is no sharp-tongued when saying Cobra drivers always meet their prissy customer’s expectation.

For those who are huge fans of the Cobra golf clubs, Cobra Fly-Z Driver may be no longer a strange product. It is voted as one of the most popular drivers today. And of course, everything happens for a reason. Keep reading to find out.

Normally, Fly-Z wins golfers’ hearts at first sight due to its cool appearance. It is not only a normal driver but also fashionable stuff showing off its owner’s personalities.

Its performance is pretty consistent with an ideal balance between distance and forgiveness. It also features a Speed Channel to generate an extra ball speed which allows easier elevation and extra distance.

Cobra Fly-Z Driver applies Crown Zone Weighting Technology to reduce weight to the back position and low at the aim of providing higher flight trajectory and forgiveness.

One more feature that makes Fly-Z outstanding among Cobra products is the Forged E9 Zone Face feature. This feature is added to make a bigger MOI and sweet spot by reducing the weight from the face and remaining the overall MOI. Hence, the face is becoming considerably wider and taller.

With Cobra’s non-stop innovation, Crown Zone Weighting Technology isn’t enough. The Cobra Fly-Z series are also engineered with SmartPad Technology to adjust the face angle.

Furthermore, thanks to this smart feature, golf players don’t have to take time and effort to change the loft angle and adjust their swing.

In conclusion, if the distance is your priority, pick up this Crown Fly-Z Driver now, and we’re pretty sure that it won’t let you down, even a second.

Product information:

  • Product dimensions: 1x1x1 inches
  • Grip Type: Cobra LamkinRel Black
  • Head size: 460cc
  • Lofts: 9.50, 10.50, 11.50


  • Fashionable and attractive design
  • Impressive forgiveness
  • Offer the longest distance among 3 three Fly-Z products
  • Bright and resonant on impact
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • Numerous crown colors to pick up
  • Stunning aesthetically


  • Too much spin
  • Some golf players found the club head to big

3. Best drivers for high handicappers

Callaway Men's XR 16 Driver

There is no exaggeration when saying Callaway XR 16 Driver is one of the best drivers for high handicappers.

Like other Callaway drivers, this Callaway XR 16 Driver also delivers extreme forgiveness. The forgiveness leads to a higher speed at impact location and adds more distance for all players.

In the producing process, Callaway co-operated with Boeing to form a new threshold of club speed. With the intention of saving weight and adding more speed, Callaway manufacturer creates a high head speed design with low drag by pinpointing the placement and size of the re-engineered Speed Step.

Interestingly, this driver applies RMOTO Face Technology to make the body lighter and 19% thinner. With the thinner and lighter features, it leads to more ball speed with a faster pace. In addition, this product is available in 3 distinct flexes: Stiff, Regular and Senior.

In conclusion, Callaway XR 16 Driver is a fantastic and beautiful golf clubs with cool graphics. It ensures both high club speed and impressive distance.

Product information:

  • Product dimensions: 48x6x6 inches
  • Material: Titanium
  • Club length: 45.75 inches
  • Shaft Flex: Light, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff


  • Great forgiveness
  • Excellent acoustics
  • Adjustable face bias
  • Loft/hosel adjustments
  • Faster ball speeds, added distance


  • Higher spin rate
  • It isn’t responsive sometimes

4. Best drivers for slicers

TaylorMade Men's M2 460cc Driver

When it comes to Best drivers for slicers, TaylorMade M2 Driver comes none to second. This product was a best-seller product in 2016 due to its high performance.

TaylorMade M2 Driver is made of white and black carbon crowns which make it look masculine and sporty. It is a perfect version of TaylorMade M and M1 drivers. It is pretty responsive and powerful.

Additionally, its sound is fairly prominent. The carbon material prevents the classic driving range cannon sound.

Like M1 driver, M2 also has a large address profile, allowing a more confident touch over the ball. With the support of M1, making a powerful swing but effortless is easy as a pie.

M2 users will benefit from forgiveness. Instead of spending money on the premium M1 to have a straighter ball flight, now you have your M2.

Furthermore, TaylorMade M2 is much cheaper than M1 which is commonly favored by Taylor’s big fan. However, it possesses better features. If you fancy TaylorMade brand, don’t hesitate to invest in a TaylorMade M2 Driver.

Product information:

  • Product dimensions: 1x1x1 inches
  • Loft: 9.50 , 10.50, 12
  • Flex: L, A, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff


  • Adjustable Hosel
  • Excellent weight redistribution
  • Revamped Speed Pocket
  • Low-spinning profile
  • Increased MOI and reduced CG
  • Geoacoustic technology


  • Limited adjustment for a premium-quality driver
  • Doesn’t suit for golfers with moderate to high handicaps

5. Best cheap driver under 200

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner 2016 Driver

TaylorMade is famous for producing good-quality products at an affordable price. If you are looking for the best cheap drivers under 200, then don’t hesitate to buy TaylorMadeAeroBurner Driver.

TaylorMade comes with a 460cc aerodynamic club head which consists of a new hosel fin, a rounder toe, and a raised center crown.

To decrease the spin and increase the sweet spot size, it is designed with a new Speed Pocket. It possesses an aesthetic look, with a linear crown graphic and the white matte finish with a black PVD face.

Even though it doesn’t provide adjustability options, it still delivers impressive forgiveness. In terms of the shaft, it comes in 3 types: Stiff, Regular and Senior flexes.

Product information:

  • Product dimensions: 49.2×3.2×4.3 inches
  • Grip Type: TM Speed, Lamkin UTX TP, Winn Speed Ladies
  • Head size: 460cc
  • Lofts: 9.5,10.5,12
  • Shafts: Matrix Speed RUL-Z50, TP Matrix Ozik White Tie 60X4, Matrix Speed RUL-Z45


  • Super long with an explosive feel
  • Excellent weight balance and distance
  • Easy to swing
  • Excellent stock grip


  • Fixed hosel
  • Low control for fast swingers

Drivers for Seniors FAQ

Q1: What is the centre of gravity?

Centre of Gravity is the point at which all of the weight of an object is concentrated. An object can be well balanced on a small flat point situated directly under its center of gravity.

Q2: How to swing a driver for beginners?

There are a bunch of tips for beginners, today, we’ll list down 5 basic but useful tips that you can apply right away.

Tip 1: Wide stance

Learning about the posture is the first lesson of all beginners. In this lesson, you’re gonna learn about your stance and how wide it shout be. When the stance is wide enough, it will support shallowing out the swing and promote solid contact with the ball.

So how wide it should be?

According to a trust-worthy golf website, wedges should see a narrow stance while players’ longer clubs like a driver and 3 wood should see a stance which is wider than the width of their shoulders.

Tip 2: Ball Position

We should place ball a little further up in the stance, between the instep of the left heel and no further than the foot’s outside.

Tip 3: Hand Position

Hand Position also plays an important role in this game. You should create space from your body to your driver to support the swing and make solid contact with the driver.

The perfect hand position is to have the butt end of the club pointing at your belt buckle and 11 inches away from your body.

Tip 4: Tee It Up High

For newbies, the perfect high is to take a 2.75” standard length tee.

Tip 5: Low and slow

While swinging, just keep it low and show to develop good tempo and keep your tee shots straight.

Close The Subject

In conclusion, in this article, we pointed out the main factors you should consider and recommended the top 5 best golf drivers for seniors. Hopefully, after reading the whole article, you could grasp useful information and pick up your desired products.

If you ask us which product we like most, it’s The Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver as it is well-designed, high-quality, durable, which delivers impressive distance and speed. It satisfies all first-time golf players. Hence, there is no doubt that it will fit your taste.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment down below, we’ll reply as soon as possible. In case you find our content interesting and helpful, please like, share and subscribe our website. It will be such a huge encouragement and motivation for us to keep up our good works. Once again, thank you so much for reading our article. Wish you a lovely day!

The Best Drivers for Beginners And High Handicappers to Better Their Drive in 2020


As new golfers, you’re definitively surrounded by a variety of golf products and accessories. Amongst, the first purchase of the best drivers for beginners is always a daunting task.

But, do you have any idea of what is called golf driver?

It’s seen as the largest head of all the clubs. And it’s the most important tool that you need to use first in a game.

These top gear drivers are often the biggest and longest clubs in the set. Moreover, they are quite expensive.

That’s why learning how to avail and choose a good driver is the hardest thing for beginners or amatuer golfers.

Don’t worry too much. Since you’re here, I will help you pick the easiest driver to hit or the best one for the money or the one that is fit for your demand.

And before penetrating detailed reviews, please learn some necessary information first.

Callaway 2017 GBB Epic Driver9/10/13.5Regular | Senior | Stiff | X-Stiff
Callaway Men's XR 169/10.5/13.5Regular | Senior | Stiff
TaylorMade M2 460cc9.5/10.5/12Regular | Senior | Stiff | X-Stiff
Cobra Men's Fly Z9.0/9.5/10.5/11.5/12.0Regular | Stiff
TaylorMade AeroBurner9.5/10.5/12/14Regular | Senior | Stiff
Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf10.5Regular

Things to consider when selecting the best driver for beginners

Spending over decades, the golf drivers have changed as well as equipped with new features in technology. This makes the current one bigger but lighter and easier to swing and hit.


best drivers for beginners: head

What is head size right for new and average players? According to the US Golf Association (USGA), 460 cubic centimeters (cc) is the maximum allowable clubhead size. So, selecting the drivers with the volume between 440 and 460cc will be okay.

The big clubhead size offers the greatest range of impact that can help to enhance the power of the shot. Meanwhile, the small head chiefly gives a secure and solid swing. So, if you need more control and not involve twisting, the small size is the best.

Except for the size, the head shape is also critical. The drivers have four shapes including square, round, pear, and extended. As the beginners, the round will be your best choice because it isn’t as bulky as the square ones. Besides, they’re less likely to get caught on the turf before hitting.

How about head color? It depends on your own taste. While some prefer one color as black or white, the others need a variety of colors to choose. Therefore, manufacturers have created the drivers with colors that bring a greater contrast to a green area background.


best drivers for beginners: loft

The next factor to pick a good driver is to determine a proper loft. It’s the angle of the club head face and has an important impact on the distance, backspin, and trajectory of the ball.

The loft angles can change between 4 and 20 degrees on the drivers; however, the more commonly recognized lofts range between 8 and 14 degrees. As a new golfer, you should rely on your average swing speed to get the ideal loft angle. Remember that the lower your swing speed is, the higher loft of the driver you need.

For instance, the swing speed of an average male player is between 85 and 105. So, the best loft is between 10 and 12 degrees.


best drivers for beginners: shafts

How will shaft flex impact the driver? As a beginner, you should opt for the flexible shaft so that you can maximize the drive distance. The best thing is to start with the regular shaft flex (R). Or choose other levels such as for seniors (A), for woman (A), etc.

In case that your swing speed is above 95mph, you should consider the stiffer shafts because they will give more accuracy and control while hitting.

How about the shaft’s length? Does it affect the driver? Yes, of course. The length of the shaft depends on your height. If you’re short, don’t choose anything with a long shaft or you will find troubles while swinging. So, what will you do?

Please measure your arm’s length and examine your swinging style in order to determine the proper size. Normally, the length of the shaft is kept about 45 inches for the best result. But, in some cases, you can find out the shaft up to 48 inches.

As the newbies in this game, you should understand that most the modern drivers are lighter and longer because they will help you attain more torque and create an excellent arc. Relying on that, it’s easy to hit the ball further.


Make sure the total weight and the weight of the head of your driver is suitable for your physical strength, your golfing athletic capability, and your swinging tempo. Playing with the lightweight driver increases your percentage of off-center hits.


In terms of the material, you need to pay attention to both the head and shaft materials because they affect your driver’s performance.

When it comes to the head, there are varied materials to choose including titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, and other alloys. Although the titanium is the most expensive material, it brings the best performance for beginners. But, in case you have a tight budget and just need something to practice, it’s okay to opt for the stainless steel.

For the shaft, you should select between steel and graphite. As the beginners, the graphite is preferred since it provides a variety of flex. Meanwhile, the steel is for low handicappers because it helps them control and increases precision better.


best drivers for beginners: adjustability

Having the adjustable drivers permits you to make endless slight changes to the loft, lie, etc. But remember that the adjustable clubs often make small adjustments. Hence, you should be fitted for the clubs that are suitable for your unique swinging style before purchasing the adjustable drivers.


You must go for a more affordable driver since you are still not able to swing it. But it doesn’t mean that you choose the one with the low quality. Keep in mind to choose the high-quality and comfortable driver that helps you better the game.

So, the best way is to shop around and then compare the price in sports stores or shop online to get trustworthy reviews from the previous customers. And to help you make a right decision, allow me to introduce the top six best drivers available on the market.

Top-rated drivers for beginners on the market 2020

1. Most forgiving driver

Callaway Golf 2017 Men's Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

When it comes to the popular brand in the world of the gold equipment, Callaway is a big name that any golfer knows.

Let’s look at Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Drive! It’s one of the latest creations that feature the revolution technology, called Jailbreak Technology. It highlights 2 slender, parallel, and 3-gram titanium rods that help to give stability, flexibility and make the driver face 20% thinner than the previous model.

Besides, the Jailbreak Technology give the golfers more power of impact into the ball. Relying on that, they can save less energy and increase more forgiveness from head to toe. So, if you’re looking for the most forgiving driver, this product is the best.

The GBB Epic Driver is also equipped with an easily adjustable 17-gram sliding weight in the club’s rear that helps you create the desired shot shape. Finally, you are free to pick up one of four high-performance shafts to enhance speed, stability, power, control and feel while playing.


  • Offers a thin and stabilized face to create exceptional forgiveness
  • Has a glossy and sleek finish
  • Features the Jailbreak Technology
  • Gives a pleasing feel and sound
  • Provides a precision shot-shape control
  • 4 high-performance shafts to choose


  • The standard length of 45.5 inches is quite a bit long
  • Some need more adjustability

2. Best drivers for high handicappers

Callaway Men's XR 16 Driver

The Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is known as one of the best drivers for high handicappers as well as for mid handicappers. Why do I say that?

The first reason is all about its large clubhead shape. It permits a big shape of MOI (Moment of Inertia) that is linked with one of the deepest and lowest centers of gravity placements in the competition. Though some reckon that the clubhead is too wide.

The second reason is the combination of Callaway and experts from Boeing. Both have created one of the leading drivers in the aerodynamics department. Better aerodynamics, better placement and less weight mean more distance and speed.

The third reason is the new RMOTO Face Technology. It provides up to 19% lighter and thinner that leads to more ball speed across the face. And the result is that you can pick up different ball speeds, no matter how you hit it off the heel, dead center or off the toe.


  • A stylish design
  • Offers an impressive sound while hitting
  • Be more aerodynamic than other competitors
  • Equipped with a graphite shaft
  • Gives an extreme forgiveness
  • Suitable for mid and high handicappers


  • Some dislike the big clubhead
  • Some need to change the spin on the driver

3. Best drivers for slicers

TaylorMade Men's M2 460cc Driver

The introduction of M2 from TaylorMade seems to be fit for any golfer, especially those are finding the best drivers for slicers. This product offers one of the highest MOI that you can expect to get a perfect control and impressive distances.

Like the M1, the M2 Driver takes advantage of a multi-material crown design. This makes it possible to move discretionary mass lower on the clubhead to produce a huge sweet spot. Besides, the M2 uses a redesigned speed pocket to guarantee that you always receive an extreme forgiveness despite the point of impact on the clubhead.

Especially, the M2 460cc Driver emphasizes a premium Fujikura Go Pro 50 Graphite shaft that is available in four different flexes including Stiff, X-Stiff, Senior, and Regular. No matter which one you select, this premium shaft always ensures a durable and high performance.


  • Very forgiving with a great distance
  • Provides an adjustable loft to improve your shots
  • Offers a huge sweet spot
  • Versatility
  • Be a safe choice for off-center hits
  • Good for slicers


  • Some complaint of no headcover for this driver
  • This product is not suitable for low and mid handicappers

4. Best drivers for distance

Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver

With the model of Fly Z, Cobra has created an impressive driver for newbies and intermediates. Furthermore, this product is evaluated as one of the best drivers for distance.

Since the Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is integrated the movable weight in the center, it will bring nice adjustability choices. In addition, it uses a 15-gram removable weight in the low-back of the center, enhancing the forgiveness and MOI size with a deeper hub of gravity location.

Aside from the adjustable loft, this product features the SmartPad Technology that sets it apart from the others. It permits you to customize the trajectory and even you can expect the best performance. And via adjusting the weight in the center of gravity (CG) zone, you will get a better balance and larger moment of impact, helping to increase the distance.

In term of the shafts, the material of graphite with three flexes including regular, stiff, and senior bring you a good impression that manufacturer has created for every golfer. Especially, the Fly Z Driver provides a variety of colors to choose.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives a secure feeling while holding
  • Has adjustable loft and weight
  • Offers the SmartPad Technology
  • Brings a super sound when hitting the ball
  • A variety of colors


  • Some dislike the large clubhead
  • You might meet troubles with high spin level and shots

5. Best drivers for slow swing speed

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Driver

With the advanced aerodynamic shape, the AeroBurner Driver from TaylorMade can enhance faster club speed and more distance. And it guarantees that the ball will be launched up higher with a great amount of spin.

Thanks to a rounded toe and raised center crown, maintaining airflow attached to decrease drag is easier. Besides, this unit has a thin face and Speed Pocket that help to develop the sweet spot’s size and flex for the maximum distance.

Plus, TM Speed Grip and Matrix Speed RUL Z 50 shaft are expected for better swing speed. So, if you prefer the best drivers for slow swing speed, you can consider this driver.

Although there is short of flexible parts, the AeroBurner Driver is an excellent choice for casual golfers because it can motivate you to take rounds more often.


  • Features advanced aerodynamics to distance via speed
  • Offers Speed Pocket for maximum distance
  • Emphasizes 50 graphite shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of use and hit


  • This product is non-adjustable
  • Be likely to damage

6. Best cheap driver under 100

Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf Driver

If you’re on a tight budget, the Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf Driver will become your best cheap driver under 100. Of course, it’s an exceptional product with notable features.

As its name suggests, this product comes with the Offset Technology that decreases the slice via always giving you a square face. Additionally, the 10.5* loft is just correct to bring enough forgiveness for any golfer who is struggling with the impact’s accuracy.

With a matte finish, the Pinemeadow 2017 PGX ensures you’re not distracted by any undesirable glare when you’re on the field.


  • Lightweight (only 200 grams)
  • Very affordable
  • Offers the big sweet spot
  • Equipped with the Offset Technology
  • Has a beautiful headcover to protect
  • Easy to swing


  • The shaft seems a bit shorter
  • This driver is not suitable when distance between the shots is your main desire

Some FAQs about drivers for beginners

In a golf club head, the Center of Gravity (CG) is the intersection inside of the head of all the different balance points. It can be determined via balancing the head on its sole, face, or any position on the head.

Since the CG is a single point inside the clubhead, its position must be explained in 3-dimensions.

  • A vertical CG (how high up in the clubhead from the sole)
  • A horizontal CG (how far from the middle of the shaft)
  • A center CG (how far back from the clubface is placed)
  • Set up the shot by starting with a large stance with the ball placed in line with your front heel.
  • Make sure your weight is put slightly more on the back leg. And remember to tilt your back so that your right shoulder is lower than the left one (if you’re a right-handed player).
  • Start pushing the clubhead at a low angle and then change your weight to the backfoot.
  • Next, swing the driver downward again in a smooth stroke. Remember to keep your feet flat and change your weight instantly to the front foot.
  • When swinging, you need to keep your arms extended as much as better.
  • Just raise and turn the backfoot after hitting the ball, not before.
  • Finally, try to follow via folding the front elbow and crossing the rear forearm over your front forearm. This enhances the speed of the driver’s clubhead.


After reading top 6 best drivers for beginners above, can you choose the one to better your drive? As a newbie in the golf game, make sure that you understand key factors before deciding. Relying on that, everything will be easy. And the result is that you will have a good driver for improving the game.

In case you need the name of the winner, I will suggest the Callaway Golf 2017 Men's Great Big Bertha Epic Driver. This product comes with a breakthrough innovation, called the Jailbreak Technology that sets it apart from other competitors. Moreover, it offers a maximum forgiveness as well as a precision shot-shape control.

If you agree with me, ORDER it now and you instantly recognize why I’m suggesting this product.

Questions or comments? Please leave your thoughts in the box below and I will support you.

Once again, thanks for reading!