Market Diving for The Best Golf Push Cart: Ethic Reviews 2020

Market Diving for The Best Golf Push Cart: Ethic Reviews 2020

Carrying a bag full of balls and clubs around the green field is not a wise option.

Since golf is a taxing sport, you need a mobile solution.

Keep scrolling to identify the best golf push cart available at present.

Why do you need a golf push cart?

Golfing is no longer a game for the rich.

What made the sport expensive was golfers needed to pay for a carrier, or they would shoulder the heavy bag themselves.

Today, it makes no sense to hire a caddy when you can get your bag to roll on wheels.

More than that:

A push cart benefits golfers in more aspects.

Prevent injuries

Do you know that lugging the heavy golf pack puts a comprehensive force on the spine?

Golf bags usually weigh up to half of the total mass of one person. It tires you out more quickly than hitting the balls.

Even worse:

It affects your walking posture in the long run.

Carrying a 17 to 30-pound bag, despite your strength, there will be repeated drops and lifts.

All of those will result in permanent spinal issues as you age.

Save energy

Your performance matters more than bringing the bag to places.

Don’t think it looks cool to have a golf bag walking around the field. In golf, you want to spend your energy on the competition.

Above all:

Without shouldering the heavy bag, you can walk to 18 holes sweating less.

More storing options

You may need to lug more than balls and clubs.

Heading to the green field, you will want to bring along an umbrella, a hat, gloves or some bottles of water.

All of those will go to the bag, thus add burden to the entire thing.

Unless you don’t mind spending on a caddy, you are the one to put pressure on your shoulders.

Having a push cart allows you to load more equipment without worrying about it weighing you down.

How to choose golf push cart Things to Consider before buying

Things to Consider before buying best golf push cart

How to choose golf push cart? If you finally decide to own a golf cart for the next golfing appointment, go through this checklist before hitting the check-out button.


Once you browse the Internet, it’s not hard to realize there are countless providers trying to take your money.

To have a quality-promised push cart, try to stick to the reputable brands.

Namely, there are CaddyTek, Clicgear, TANGKULA, and Bag Boy. Spider, Cart-Tek, and MGI are also among the world-class labels.


The bag itself is a burden; so, you don’t want the cart to become another saddle on the other shoulder.

That is why most carts for golf are foldable to sit snugly in the back of your car.

The construction of collapsible handcarts will transform into a compact size for easy lifting.


People don’t design push carts in one boring shape for every model. They make it abundant.

That’s how you have various sizes and shapes to choose from.

Depending on how many clubs you have, you can pick the measurement to fit.

Also, pay attention to the dimensions of your vehicle. Your cart should match the room you intend to place it in.

It’s not hard to check the measurements of the wheeled cart, which are all shown in the specs.

Smooth ride

The field is mostly covered in grass; hence your cart should provide seamless roll to push with ease.

Either you go for pull cart or electric cart, pay attention to the wheelbase. It is likely that your bag will rub on the tire generating friction that slows down the vehicle.

Make sure you pick the cart with wider wheelbase. Adjustable one is better.


Stable wheels won’t tip over to dump your clubs. The design of three wheels gives a better balance. Latest models come with four wheels offering ultimate stability.

Golf Push Cart Stability


When you go downhill, the brake supports halting the cart to prevent the whole cart from sliding off.

Also, this feature is beneficial in keeping the cart with you as you perform.

Storage space

More room means you can carry more supportive stuff for the competition like an extra pair of shoes, clothing and water bottles.


You spend the money, so you want the cart to last for a decent time.

It is the material that determines the endurance of the cart.

Additional features

Some carts come with seating since the field doesn’t provide any bench.

Other additives like bottle holder, umbrella hanger or extra space are optional.

Warranty and customer service reputation

Buying a push cart with an extended warranty is a wise choice. That means you got the commitment to repair or replace with a low cost or even free.

Customer service is also essential. You may want to access the support anytime the product malfunctions.

Which type of golf cart is best for you?

Golf pull cart

In the UK, pull cart is aka golf trolley.

Typically, pull carts are available in two wheels making it compact and more portable.

This type of cart can feature up to four wheels while retaining the same operating manner.

These traditional trolleys offer affordable price tags. On the other hand, due to the single-function feature, pull carts can barely do anything other than carrying the golf bag.

The worldwide recognized pull cart nowadays is the Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart suggests a lightweight and sturdy unit.

Golf Push cart

Pushing requires less energy than the other rolling cart, similar to a baby stroller. It characterizes three wheels to standalone. Many push carts are rigged with an extra wheel offering more stability and maneuverability.

If pulling the cart increases the chance of overall fatigue, pushing saves more power and avoids the issue of asymmetrical use of muscles.

Electric golf cart

The e-trolleys are likely to replace the job of a full-time caddy. It is the most advanced improvement of golf carts which can self-operate.

Needless to say, the motor will do the mobile job enabling a hands-free carry.

You can find such features like GPS and AI in the newest models if you don’t mind your bank account.

Nonetheless, technology has made electric cart cheaper. You can absolutely find reasonable trolleys out there.

Top rated golf push carts on the Market

1. Editor Choice

CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart

This three-wheeled cart offers an optimal mobile solution for moving the golf bag on the field.

At a budget price, the push cart features an alignment mechanism built in the front wheel.

The brake system is quite simple to use with a single kick. It includes holders for beverage and an umbrella. There is a mesh net near the handle for your phone, key chains or other small stuff.

When folded, the cart squeezes to 17.5”(L) x 15.75”(W) x 33.6”(H) that fits most car trunks.

Our perception

This cart meets our criteria for an affordable yet functional push cart. Its value lies in simplicity.

We like it when we hang the umbrella on, it does not tip backward. At 12.2 pounds, the cart is nothing of a bulky item.

A better version of this trolley has been released with all the same but improved features.

It got the upgrades on the frame and wheels providing a sturdy bag holder and smooth slides.

That said, the old folks benefit from rolling the cart with no placing much effort.

2. Best custom feature

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Resting your golf bag on this sleek-design tri-wheel cart leaves you no worry about it falling off to the ground.

The cart makes use of aircraft-grade material to bear a significant mass. It is yet scratch-resistant and lightweight.

There is extra space for you to store your fast-accessed balls. A full console is there to hold your additives as well. It has a compact folded size to sit snugly in your car.

Our perception

We found no part of the aluminum tubes bent after a few months loading 40-pound bags. The folding process takes literally less than 10 seconds if you get used to the mechanism.

3. Best folding

CaddyTek Caddylite EZ V8 - EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Elegant, humble and practical, CaddyTek only delivers the best quality to their carts. This Caddylite EZ V8 – EZ-Fold 3 is one typical model.

The cart may look burdensome, but it weighs less than 19 pounds. One person can lift it with no difficulty.

People having back pain can benefit from the foot brake system. There is no need to bend down like in a good range of models.

It has a three-wheeled structure equipped with the maintenance-free wheels. That provides traction to help the cart stand firmly on any terrain.

Our perception

Pushing this cart, we feel so confident and excited every time we reach the field. We also got many compliments from our competitors on this professional looking, solid mean of transportation for the golf bag.

4. Best four wheels

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

Four wheels equipped enable superior stability when moving on the grass.

The cart features Top-Lok Technology to keep the gold bag still.

Better than that, broader wheels can roll seamlessly through the grass with minimum energy.

With the versatile holder on the handle, you can keep much more equipment and a deep console for the scorecard.

Our perception

We appreciate the flat-free wheels that set your mind at rest when in the middle of the field.

Folding only takes two steps which we think is friendly to most amateur users.

5. Best budget

TANGKULA Golf Cart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart

Our first impression with the product was the light weight of a sturdy frame made of steel. It features a simple but concise construction supporting durability.

With the brilliant handy strap lock, this cart can accommodate your golf bag on its spine without rubbing the front wheel.

The wheels are removable making the whole unit more compact when it comes to storing and transporting.

They designed this trolley to be maneuverable. In particular, you are able to change direction just by steering the ergonomically shaped handle.

Users with different heights can adjust the measurement of the tallness and angle to fit any individual.

A thoughtful detail is a seat attached to the cart. Now you have a resting spot once finishing your hit.

Our perception

The quality and craftsmanship of this unit did impress us on the first glance.

More than that, anyone can own this cart without breaking their piggy bank.


Is a push cart able to reduce back pain?

People with lower back pain benefit from the push cart pretty well.

If pulling causes strain in the arm muscles as it requires you to lean forward to provide force, pushing doesn’t place much tension on your back.

That means push carts can minimize pressure put on your back rather than reducing the pain itself. But yet it is a smart choice to lessen the pain you are already suffering.

Final line

Strapping a golf bag around your shoulder is no longer a cool yet healthy option.

Having a trolley to carry your clubs and balls is becoming prevalent thanks to its versatility and convenience.Protect your health and posture today with one of the golf push carts we suggested; you will soon find it as an essential attribute in any golfing section.

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